sabato 18 ottobre 2014


The number of new releases that I usually buy decreases dramatically every year. I find it hard to keep up with the outrageous number of records that came out these days and a very few of them grab my attention. That being said, being a sucker when it comes to clevo hc, the news of a new full length by Inmates on Painkiller Records definitely had my attention. It took forever to came out and my expectations were pretty high, even if their last ep wasn't that great after all. Well, after a few spins I can affirm that, after a 20 years long career, Inmates are still at their peak. It doesn't matter that their last album came out 12 years, this gets back exactly where "assholes unanimous" left: Lipcream/Systematic Death influences filtered via the unique hardcore that has been slowly but constantly coming outta Cleveland since the early 90s'. All drenched by some of the smartest, funniest & most provocative lyrics ever written. The intro of "crustdust" itself makes this record worth owning. There's also a The Guns cover to make this even more interesting. I'd love to get the orange wax but, you know, overseas shipping is something crazy these days. If you're disappointed by this record, it's safe to say that you did everything wrong in your life.

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