sabato 3 maggio 2014


Hardcore/punk has become something safe and predictable. Just another youth subculture. You only have to choose your favourite taste (be it youth crew, d-beat or fastcore ecc...), wear the right uniform, conform to the rules and voilà, you're a hardcore kid now. Then you form a band with your peers. I think the last band that was totally innovative but still 100% hardcore was Man Is The Bastards and that happened more than 20 years ago. New bands just follow blindly the rules written 30+ years ago. Not only musically, but also aesthetically and ideologically. Some do it better than other of course, but you can easily predict the style of a band by just looking at their logo or artwork. The thing that scares the shit out of me is reading a band interview and knowing exactly how they are gonna answer to the same boring questions even before reading it. Of course I still love my meat & potato hardcore, but you have to admit that since the 00s' started, hardcore has become just a mere repetition of itself. Safe & predictable, indeed. So a band like Gutter Gods, that has consciously chosen to break all these rules and do its own thing, is more than welcome.    
Fronted by the controversial Reckless Aggression singer, this time Meatdog couldn't be backed up by a line up more different from him. Instead of a bunch of sxe skins, this time he's surrounded by  skinny weirdos that have probably spent a good portion of their life doing drugs. Such a strange line up brings diversity and indeed the final result couldn't be more unique. Add some hallucinated perversion to Darvocets, an amazing guitar sounds that reminded me immediately my country mate Fogna (ie dark/goth & post punk influences), midpaced hardcore songs with a huge aussie kbd vibe, some harsh noise and you'll get a vague clue about how Gutter Gods debut full length "innersense" sounds like. For sure a breeze of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant and boring scene. The perfect soundtrack for your worst badtrip ever. Record of the year?
Not sure about the pressing number. Released by Cool Death Records, my copy comes on a silver cover that's almost impossible to shoot. I've also seen copies with white cover. Comes with a 12 pages booklet that looks like a more trippy version of the already legendary Groin Gravy 'zine...
Of course it couldn't last for too long. Rumors tell they already broke up. Well, at least there should be a final 7" before they leave this planet to another dimension...

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