martedì 29 aprile 2014

The Aspects of War

The last addition to my collection has been a copy of Disclose "4 track" ep released in 1997 by cult japanese label Overthrow. Discharge might be the band that invented d beat of course (and unfortunately moved too soon to a more shitty sound), but the truth is that Disclose IS the band that meticulously dedicated its entire career to it (with a devotion comparable only to the most aberrant religious fanaticism) to make d beat a way of life. While the Discharge formula has always been their main influence (musically, lyrically and aesthetically), this ep also shown a huge swedish flavour. And it couldn't be more obvious with a cover that's such a blatant Skitslickers homage. These four tunes cannot not bring to mind the aforementioned Goteborg gods with their uber-simple song structure that obsessively keep repeating the same riff in an almost hypnotic way. Too bad the vocals are a bit too low in mix, otherwise this could be as great as their masterpiece, the "Tragedy" lp. I can't believe it's been already 7 years since Kawakami passed away. I remember it as it was yesterday. Commemorate him by reading again Stuart Schrader's eulogy that appeared on MRR at that time.

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