sabato 31 maggio 2014

Caught In A Vortex

I've already told you recently that I'm a reborn death metal fanatic. This time I'll talk about an unfuckwithable classic: the Abhorrence "s/t" 7", released back in 1990 by cult label Seraphic Decay. I wish I could say I was into this guys since my metal days in early/mid 90s'. But that would only be a lie. The only finnish "obscure" death metal bands I was familiar with back in that period were Demigod and Convulse. And that's a shame since 16 years old me would have been immediately obsessed by this band. Along with the Demigod demo, this is some of the most putrid death metal ever recorded. In the old school way of course. No boring slam bullshit or useless overproduction. Just pure and dirty old school death metal, played in the european way (which is, in my opinion, better than the american one!).
There are quite a few variant of this record: I'm pretty sure my copy is 2nd press but I've never heard of marbled blue wax. But the best thing is that it comes with a huge seraphic decay ad flyer. Do all copies come with it or I've just been lucky?

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