giovedì 23 maggio 2013

Totaalinen Kaaos

Here's the official repress, courtesy of Svart Records of course, of the first Kaaos full ep "totaalinen kaaos" that was originally released by Propaganda Records in 1982. This band need no introduction. Uber-classic, genre-defining band that you'd play to someone who has no clue of what traditional finnish hardcore is. Some of the tightest and most solid stuff that came out from the land of the thousand lakes. It's not a surprise that these guys are now legends.
Svart Records did again a solid work. Gatefold cover & a repress of the original 12 pages booklet. I got the blue vinyl edition, limited to 300 copies. 100 copies were pressed also on yellow but if you need a coloured version of this record, blue was the right and only choice. Like the limited Propaganda version. At this point I hope both the Mellakka eps will receive the same treatment!

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