mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Part III

The third and final part of the super elusive Exithippies 7" series, released by Detonate Records (click for the interview), finally came out circa 2 weeks ago. For months I keep checking (almost daily!) if it was finally out. Of course the week it came out was a pretty busy one so I totally forgot about it. When I suddenly remembered it saturday afternoon, according to Detonate's bigcartel, it came out and of course it was already sold out. I was pretty bummed that I missed it. After complaing for half an hour about records pressed in ridiculous amount with my girlfriend, I decided to write directly to Lasse to see if he still had copies. It worked for Part II (I got the very last copy since a distro decided to get one copy less to save postage!!), so why not trying? It worked again, so I was able to secure a copy even this time. Now I only need Part I to complete the series.
Like the previous one, Exithippies "Part III" 7" has two excellent classic noisepunk tunes on side A and what I guess it's a remix of a song titled "Country Boy" on side B. Usually I don't like their techno tunes but I must admit that I enjoy this one. Great release. Too bad it was pressed in 100 copies only. More people need to hear it.

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