martedì 7 maggio 2013

La Città è Quieta...Ombre Parlano

After my post about "disastro sonoro" of a few months ago, recently I've been able to score a copy in near mint conditions of Peggio Punx second effort, the "la città è quieta...ombre parlano" 7", released one year after their first ep. Again on their own Peggio Records. This continues exactly in the same way of their previous effort: unique and schizophrenic songwriting, adrenalinic fast tempos, snotty nasal vox and guitars with almost no distortion. Love this band! 
Got it from an old punk from my area. I spent a nice hour with him. He played for me his Wretched records and he shared lots of funny stories from back in the days. Like anarchists throwing everything at CCCP when they played Virus squat. But the best one was a personal one. He told me he got in touch via letter with Wretched singer Gianmario and they fixed a live interview for his 'zine before a Wretched gig. He was quite scared by Gianmario aggressive look & stage presence. So he admitted to me that he was a bit nervous before meeting him. But then, when he finally met him, it turned out that Gianmario was an extremely kind guy with a soft voice that even offered him a green tea. Can you image Wretched drinking bloody green tea??? Priceless story, ahahah.
At this point I can consider my Peggio Punx collection completed. I'm not too much a fan of the funky approach of the material they released after these two eps.

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