venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

Disastro Sonoro

The first parcel I got this year (well, technically I bought it in 2012 but thanx to fuckin' xmas postal service has been slower than usual in the last couple of weeks) contained two uberclassic eps from the golden era of italian hc. Here's the first one: Peggio Punx debut ep "disastro sonoro", self-released by the band on their own label Peggio Records back in 1983. Yep, that's exactly 30 years ago! But it still sounds fresh and unique as it always did. Spastic hardcore with super fast riffs and guitars with almost no distortion. They've always reminded me a local version of Dead Kennedys.
Scored this copy for a decent price since back cover is a bit damaged. It looks like some small points had been scratched with sandpaper! But for the rest it's in pristine conditions. Love the fold out sleeve with the strip where you should put the record. But that's just for pics, as all good record nerds should know, it's better to keep the record separated in a more appropriate dust sleeve to preserve the cover.
Fate wanted that tomorrow they'll play at approximately 1 km from my house. Still not sure if I'll go since I've always skipped reunions gigs. But at this point I quite curious to see them 30 years later...

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