mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

Veneno En Sus Flechas

I've been a Glam fan since their debut "s/t" ep came out three years ago, so I was pretty excited to finally hear their way too much delayed debut on the big format, the "Veneno En Sus Flechas" lp. Courtesy of La Vida Es Un Mus again, of course. I must admit that I'm not too much a fan of everything that came out of Spain in the last 5 years or so. But there's no doubt that Glam is, along with Sudor, one of the most interesting out of that scene and definitely my favourite of the bunch. And this lp just confirms how great they are! No frills or bullshit here, just solid hardcore the way it should be played: straight forward, intense and direct to the point. And it proves again that you can do something equally interesting, powerful and intense without sounding like a clone of this or that yankee 80s' band.
So if you're not familiar with them, please don't let the cover/insert fool ya, this ain't no crappy mysterious guy bullshit!! It takes equal influences from those Stoke-On-Trent lads as well as from their own country golden era most well known names. Sometimes they even remind me a bit colombian classic band Bastardos Sin Nombre with a better and more modern recording. A future classic for sure.

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