venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

Stamp Out Disco

Like almost all the new HC bands that came outta Australia in the last couple of years, Last Chaos debut ep "kill dick control" turned out to be quite disappointing. Nothing terrible of course, but if you compare it to what the land downunder was producing between 2005 and 2010, you'll get the point. The music itself is not that bad, but the weak sound and the boring vocals are ruining it. Not to sound like a dick, but the demo was way more energic. When I listen to hardcore equally influenced by finnish and english classics, I want it to sound raw and distorted. And I want the singer to scream his lungs out for the rage. This ep is missing all this essential elements. Hardcore Victim. 500 made. 200 on clear, 300 on black.
"If Doc and Marty would ever offer me one only ride on their DeLorean, I'd go for Brisbane, 1977. In this period this tropical and isolated city, under the siege of Bjelke Petersen's iron first, was the perfectly boring and hopeless environment that forced young people to grab instruments and play the most angry, raw and pissed off music possible at that time. This was the inception of an extremely badly organized yet amazing small scene, where poorly attended gigs turned either in alcohol induced pathetic performances or police repression brutality. Of course it could have last only for a few years and most of these bands disbanded even before the new decade started. Band members moved away or OD'd in a dark corner. The few records that bands like Leftovers, Razar or Young Identities were able to put together, the only manifactures left for the posteries, were pressed in such small amounts that the few copies that have been able to make it through the last 30+ years are now highly revered collectors items that go for big bucks on todays eBay's frenziness. So I'm glad that 540 Records made these obscure classics available again for those that cannot affort to pay thousands of bucks for a record".
This is what I wrote in PM#7  about the Young Identities represses that came out last year. It seems like my prayers have been answered! Someone finally bootleged Razar's 1978 legendary debut ep "stamp out disco/task force". Two songs. One about hating disco, the other about hating cops. How could it be more punk than this? No lyrics and minimal infos, but I do really love that both songs have their own specific artwork.

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