mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

Authentic Oral Communication

I'm pretty sure the latest effort by Hiroshima's People, the "autentic oral communication" cd that was released recently by Feminist Records, will at first disappoint a lot of people. Well, at least that's what happened to me! All I was expecting was nothing but another dose of their perfectly performed mid paced early Swankys workship. Exactly, just another "Fairy Tale". So you can easily image my reaction when I first put this into my cd player to discover that they've revolutioned their sound a lot. This album indeed show a big step forward for the band, from the noise-punk of their earlier material to a more "sophisticated" garage-punk, I'd dare to say. Well, not that different from the path followed by Swankys in their later days. So if you're expecting just a fuzz fest, forget about it. But after the initial letdown, the more you'll play this cd, the more you're gonna love it. The noise punk roots are still here, but they've added a lot of new influences and the final result is something unique that stand on its own. I'm a dumb cunt so I still think that "fairy tale" was way better but saying that this is not a solid release would be simply retarded. On of the best album of 2012?  
Their lyrics/artwork are still sex oriented, so if you've ever wondered how does a cock shaped bong look like, well here's your answer:

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