sabato 6 ottobre 2012

Living In Chaos

While their name will always suggest they're only a copycat band, D-Clone debut full lenght "creation and destroy" proves exactly the opposite. Of course do not expect big innovations or a radical evolution. They're still raw as fuck, hyper-distorted, pissed off and of course there are plenty of d-beat parts to satisfy all the Discharge maniacs out there. Although, here they proved to have developed their own sound/style. First, I didn't remember them being that fast. No blast beats of course, but we're not that far from it on a couple of tracks. Plus they've thrown in an "experimental part" (for a lack of better words) at the end of side A that add a little of fresh air. It might sound like an oxymoron, but "creation and destroy" is a pure d-beat album where every track doesn't sound like an exact clone of the previous one. Sugi artwork. This is the european press on Agipunk. 100 on blue, 400 on black. This is going to sold out quickly so act fast or you'll regret it. One of the best album of 2012? I think so.   
I'm quite sure that sooner or later I will end up reading somewhere on the internet some morons arguing that this band is "hyped" and to "boycot them to preserve the purity of punk/hc" kind of bullshit...You know that kind of people. Now, I'm pretty conscious that life is easier for bands that come from US, Japan or Sweden. But to tag every bands that get a minimum of attention "hyped" is utterly ridicolous and childish. So please stop being a moron and understand a simple fact. Your crappy band sucks. D-Clone does not. That's why people prefer to spend their hard-earned cash for their records rather than on your useless unlistenable homemade totally DIY tape.

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