giovedì 31 maggio 2012

Muerte En America

My last score has been a copy of Mexico's Xenofobia discography lp that came out last year on Bam Bam Records outta Mexico. Limited to 300 copies only, I missed it when it came out. I didn't want to order it directly from the label since the combination of mexican and italian posts scared the shit out of me. I wasn't fast enough with the few euro distros who got copies and then it seemed like I couldn't find a copy anywhere else. Luckily Feral Ward had a stock copy around recently and I've been the lucky fella who scored it.  
Pretty solid band that only self-released a 7" titled "Muerte En America" in 1987 followed by their one and only full lenght "Presionados" (self-released by the band again) two years later before disappearing into obscurity. Here are collected all their 18 tracks: some of the finest central/south american hardcore if you want to know my opinion. Raw, straight to the point, noisy, brutal and aggressive music dressed with political lirycs in the classic latino hardcore style. Within Masacre 68 and Atoxxxico, Xenofobia are one of the best band that ever came out of "america's backyard". Desperation and anger prefectly translated into music.
As you can see, cover has the EP artwork in front and the LP's one on the backcover. Comes with no insert at all which is kinda disappointing since I know nothing about this band. Would love to know a bit of their history and even read the lyrics!! Anyway, essential discography if you don't want to get crazy and loose lots of money for the originals. If you happen to own an extra copy of Sedition "Extintos" lp repress also issued by Bam Bam Records, get in touch!

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