sabato 5 maggio 2012

Fairy Tale

Almost a month has passed since the last time I've posted something here. I've been waiting for some parcels for the whole month of April but nothing appeared in my bloody mail box. My worst enemy (poste italiane, of course!) struck again. First I pretended to be patient but since nothing showed up, I started to be respectively worried, anxious, pissed off and finally resigned. Yesterday, after an endless day of work I came back home totally disenchanted to find something. But suddenly, I've spotted this lil' bastard waiting for me. Now that the first one finally showed up, I hope to get all my parcels in the next few days. Let's see what happens next.
People debut full lenght "fairy tale" on limited blue wax. Comes with a 2" button that went straight in the drawer where I keep all my buttons. Nothing wrong with them but I'm too old for that shit. 
I was a bit reluctant about ordering it directly from Damaging Noise Records after all the horrible stories I've been hearing for years about Fabian being totally unreliable. Then the whole Control ep thing happened. But when I saw I picture that proved that this existed, I've immediately placed my order and, almost a month later, I got this lp in my hands. Maybe now he's trying to run his label more seriously? As far as concerned to my direct experience, I have no complains at all. He even dropped me a line to lemme know when this was shipped. 
This is for sure a candidate for the best lps of 2012. Think to a slower, more mid paced version of early Swankys or Chaos CH to get a clue of how People sound. A great sound, a good recording and well written catchy tunes are in my opionion the essential ingredients for a perfect record. People's lp has it all. Songs on side A were originally released in japan on tape and cdr by Feminist Records. Side B has a couple of bonus songs that unfortunately, like 95% of bonus material, are totally useless. Nothing terrible of course but definitely way inferior to what's on the first side of this lp.
My only real complain about this rager is the too blurry cover. This is how it should have been if he was printed neatly like for the tape version: 
I guess they didn't want to have troubles with printers. Anyway, get this brillant record. Definitely worth your money. If you happen to have an extra copy of their ep "fetish", please get in touch. I need it badly.

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