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DISCARGA interview 2003

 10 years ago 625 put out the first full lenght of these incredible Larm fueled band out of Brazil. Needless to say that after the very first listen, I had immediately decided to interview them. Originally featured in PM#2.

Perro: Your band’s name sounds very similar to Discharge. Is it a tribute to them? What does it mean exactly?
Daniel:  Well, I can say that we borrowed the name from them because we like them a lot.

Perro: Can you tell us a brief history of the band?
Daniel: We started in 1998, as a crust band but we were too well-behaving guys to be a real crust band. At first we were 4 (douglas, nino, paulo and me), then some others came and left us so now we're just 3 (junior, nino and me). We played some shows, recorded some tracks for some compilations and then we recorded a demo tape that Max from 625 Recs got. He liked it very much and he decided to release something. Douglas recorded some stuff with us until 2001. Junior replaced him and is with us from then on.

Perro: Your sound is not the tipical brazilian one but it seems more influenced by bands from holland like Larm or Man Lifting Banner. Do you agree? How would you describe it to the uninitiated?
Daniel: Yes, we listen to them very much. They sound really good and have good lyrics. I dont think we're sounding like them nowadays though... we're more brazilian now. It is like a stone breaker, a chainsaw and a tractor in an angry screaming 12 year old kid.

Perro: From what I've read, Brazil should be a place with lots of problems and violence expecially in the big cities. Since you live there, can you give us a dectailed description of how’s the brazilian society?
Daniel: I can say we're approximately 170 millions people, 40 millions unlettered people, high unemployment, endless corruption, drug dealing, etc... 8 years ago, the government promised a whole social reform, but the only result they obtained was to enrich banks and so on. But even with all these problems you can come here and have some fun.

Perro: Brazilian police is very famous for being one of the most brutal around. Have you ever had any problems with the cops?
Daniel: Yes. We are used to saying they beat up first and ask what's going on later. Police, as usual.

Perro: Since portuguese is a bit similar to italian I think I've understood that your lyrics are very political and totally anti globalization. Did you go at the Porto Alegre meetings? Do you see it as a positive thing? Is brazilian hc scene involved with the anti globalization demonstrations and movements like Sem Terra?
Daniel: We think it is very important to have these manifestations around the world. We haven’t been to the meeting in Porto Alegre but many guys from the hardcore scene went there to see what was going on and they reported what they heard there at the shows. Many of these kids are involved with the Landless Workers Movement, the Homeless Movement, Independent Media, groups against ALCA etc etc...

Perro: What’s the arguments of the lyrics of  your track called “America”? Is it against USA foreign politics in all South America?
Daniel: It is about how America has been colonized, I mean, the destruction of indigenous people, environment and it is about USA the "guardian" of America. It is basically against all what has been imposed to us during these 500 years.

Perro: How’s the situation for the indigenous tribes who live in the Amazon forest?
Daniel: The indigenous tribes are totally miserable. Their land is ripped off by prospectors, miners, lumbermen, cattle farmers who cause conflicts and riots. Besides the prejudice the indigenous people suffer in the big cities I can tell you that 2 homeless indigenous guys were burned while they were sleeping in the streets, by rich kids who just wanted to have some fun. What a shame.

Perro: There’s a Discarga song titled “Norman Bates Song”. Are you fans of Psycho? What are some others cool movies you can suggest us, expecially from Brazil?
Daniel: Yeah, sure we like this kind of movie and this song is actually because friends used to call me Norman Bates, bullshit. There are excellent films being done here in Brasil at the moment, like CIDADE DE DEUS, O INVASOR, CARANDIRU, ABRIL DESPEDEÇADO, etc. Films that show our reality.

Perro: Why you did a collections of all your previous material as debut full lenght? Wasn’t it better to do it with all new tracks? How has been the responses since now? Are you satisfied with the way it is?
Daniel: It is because cds are more popular here than vynil and tapes, so we decided to get everything we had and release it on a cd. It didn’t come out the way we expected but we're glad with it anyway. Many people from the 3rd world are always trying to get in touch with us. People from Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malasya, etc.. We're proud of that. It doesn’t matter the language you use in your songs or where you're from but what you have to say.

Perro: Brazil is the only state from South America with a big scene that is well known also overseas. Any cool grind/hc bands from other South American states you can suggest us apart Migra Violenta and Dios Hastio?
Daniel: I  think the brasilian scene is well known because of our early 80's punk explosion. Good bands from other countries in South America are Vieja Escuela, Fun People and Nueva Etica from Argentina, Entrefuego and Asunto from Chile, Dar A Cada Uno Lo Que Es Suyo from Bolivia and there are many many more.

Perro: Do we have any chances to see Discarga live in Europe? Your best/worst gigs? How’s Discarga on stage?
Daniel: Yeah, we're planning some shows in Europe this year, stay tuned. We played many good and bad shows so it is kinda hard to say...playing is always good. I can't describe how we are on stage but I can say the drummer is mad, the bass player jumps a lot and I am kinda shy.

Perro: Projects for the future?
Daniel: Record more stuff and play many shows... i don’t know.. future is unpredictable.

Perro: Conclude as you like. 
Daniel: We would like to thank Raffa for the support and the interview. I hope this will make people  more involved with things that happen in the less developed countries. Scenes around the world are growing and very interesting.

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