venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Cigarettes & Alcohol

It's no secret that I have a soft spot for australian bands but, as an aussie friend once stated, "if we just get a C for hardcore, we'll surely score an A+ for KBD punk". And Brisbane around the end of the '70s was the undisputed capital for it. Not only it gaves birth to the worldwide renewed The Saints but it was also the hometown of lots of incredibly good bands such as Razar, Young Identities, Fun Things and many others. All the originals records by those bands go for buckets of bucks in these days. Being perfectly conscious that I'll never own an OG, when I discovered that a small australian label called LCMR was going to reissue my favourite of those eps, the Leftovers "cigarettes & alcohol" 7", I've immediately broke my rule of not ordering stuff from overseas (because of the insane post rates) and placed my order immediately. A couple of weeks later this landed in my mailbox. While the original was limited to 300 (most of which got destroyed) and without a cover, LCMR did four different versions of this. I've ended up with what is called a "Baron Von Richtofen cover...It's a replica of one of the handmade collage sleeves produced by Warren Lamond and Peter Cornilsen of which there are less than ten in existence". As you can see, my copy is also on purple and handnumbered outta #100. So happy to finally being able to blast these perfect 3 tunes out of my stereo and not anymore on mp3 via my computer!

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