venerdì 17 giugno 2016

Reckless Boys

This is a perfect example of everything that's wrong with hardcore in this decade. You're finally allowed to release the "long" lost second demo of one of the hottest bands of the last few years and what the hell you do? You print it on the dumbest format ever in 2016, a bloody tape? I am for sure old and jaded but this makes no sense at all. Back in the days, tapes were the cheapest option to spread and trade music with people. In the early 90s' I got into tons of cool bands thanx to tape-trading and I always used to beg my friends with better & bigger collections to tape me new stuff. But everyone my age or even older will confirm you that tapes were a pain in the ass. They could be easily destroyed by your tape player or, even worse, by your stupid walkman. If you want to hear a specific song, you gotta wait and hope to find it when you fast-forward it. After just a few years or several plays, the sound quality usually gets shittier. Overall, a pretty annoying format. When cdr/internet came in the game, I thought that we finally got rid of those stupid magnetic tapes. But hardcore is a very conservative genre so in the end it's not a big surprise that kids are still printing stupid tapes. Even if it makes no sense at all in 2016. But I just bought one so I guess it's time for no more complains. I think this is the recording that was supposed to be Reckless Aggression debut ep but the band broke up and it never happened. So huge props to SFR Hardcore Records for making the european press of this tape. Songs are equally as good as the ones on their first demo. Pissed off australian hardcore with a strong Oi! influence. Perhaps the Oi! vibe here is even stronger and it works perfectly. There's also a big improvement in the sound quality, way cleaner and more powerful. Meatdog's vocals are incredibly powerful here. I was expecting more explicit graphics but the artwork seems more weird like the Gutter Gods one. Nothing wrong with it, Meatdog can't do no wrong. Too bad this guys called it quits too early, this demo shows that they could have become huge. I'm quite sure not too late someone will print this on the format this recording belongs to, a bloody 7"!!!  

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  1. Hey man, great write-up! I just discovered your blog, that is quality stuff!
    I never understood the tapemania. Tapes were shit even in the eighties.

    1. Yeah, fuck tapes ahahah! Great blog as well!