mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

Forward To The Caves

I won't play the cool guy pretending that I was already familiar with Psycho Sin. Before their "forward to the caves" lp was reissued by General Speech a couple months ago, I've never heard this band before and didn't even know of their existence. Hailing from New Jersey, they were around in the second half of the 80s' and during their existence they self-released a fair amount of tapes, an ep and this lp. The original vinyls sell for a small fortune nowdays. Somehow the label description intrigued me, so I decided to give them a chance and ordered this without even listening to it before. For some reasons I was expecting some anti-PC proto-noisecore but I couldn't be more wrong. Psycho Sin were a very political oriented band. From the interview featured in the insert, I got the feeling that they were more interested in politics than music. And you can definitely hear it. This band indeed falls perfectly in the "good bad music" or "shit-fi" category. They were loud and fast but they could barely play their instruments. Their music is neaderthalesque in its ultra primitive approach. If hardcore/punk usually is not renowned for musicians virtuosism, well these guys sound like they had no clue in how tuning their equipment. But luckily the lack of playing technique is compensated by a ferocious approach that makes the final result quite interesting and entertaining. Throw in some keytar, some weird industrial parts and you got Psycho Sin. I still have to figure out if I like this band or not, for sure an unique band worth checking out if noisy & primitive music is up your alley. I've read somewhere that one of the member of RAPT  was part of the band since he was living in NJ in that period. That makes perfectly sense since their "caos non musica" approach is quite similar. Superbly packed with a zine full of pics, flyers, artworks and a couple of interviews, some stickers, a poster and a cdr featuring 73 tracks (50 of them were never printed on cd before).

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