mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Coups Et Blessures

I know next to nothing about Oi! and generally I find it quite boring if I have to tell the truth. So I'm not even sure how I ended up giving this ep a possibility. Probably 'coz everyone and their grandpa were mentioning it as the best ep released in 2015? Well, it bloody is. Rixe debut ep "coups et blessures" (which roughly translates as "hits and wounds") contains 4 tunes that will get stuck in your brain immediately and won't left soon. I've been basically listening to it for a whole week now and I still want more. These three parisiens have been able to mix perfectly the traditional catchy approach of french Oi! with the more brutal sound of bands like Nabat and Blitz. The final result are 4 skinheads anthems perfect for drunk singalong. As a result of being slow, I've ended up with 4th press with red cover. Previous ones have blue cover. Can't wait for more material by them. Another winner by LVEUM. 

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