giovedì 30 luglio 2015

Nuclear Addicts

When I visited japan in 2011, one of the main reason for that trip was record shopping to check if all the stories I've heard over the years about japanese record stores were true. And they bloody were! Tons of crates full of hard to find stuff for decent prices. I gave myself a budget and I quickly spent it all in the first two shop I visited in Tokyo (Shibuya & Shinjuku's Disk Union). I was able to cross off so many japanese stuff from my wantlist that I could consider myself satisfied. In my compulsive buying, I also got a couple of amazing used shirts. One of them turned out to be too small for me (the best Judgement shirt I've ever seen) so a few days later I went back to the shop to see if I can change it. Of course I couldn't but no big deal since I knew I could sell it easily for good money back home. While there, I spotted one record that I wanted badly but couldn't find in my early visits. Confuse "nuclear addicts" flexi. In great condition and for a great price too. I was looking for it for a long time but somehow I convinced myself to do not buy it. "It's not that hard to find for this price" I told myself. Of course the price kept increasing so it took me four more years to find another copy for the price I wanted to pay for it. To make it short, the lesson is: fuck money, when you find a record you want badly and the price is alright, just buy it. I don't think this flexi needs more words. If you're reading this blog you already know how awesome it is. Primitive distorted punk/hc with great fuzzy sound and iconic artwork for a legendary band that is the definition (well, at least to me) of what japanese hardcore was in the "pre-Selfish Records" era. This is their best effort and still very influential even if it was released 31 years ago. A genre defining release for sure.

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