mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

Libero di vivere, libero di morire

You might have noticed that the legendary Chaos Produzioni is back in action, officialy re-releasing almost the entire Wretched catalogue. No, the band hasn't reformed and I don't think it will happen anytime soon. But they instead decided to make all their old material available again, in the same way they did back in the early 80s: totally diy. It's good to see that more than 30 years later they are still loyal to the same attitude of their wild years! Check their facebook page if you need to contact them.
"Libero di vivere, libero di morire" is their first and only proper full lenght and for sure their most well known release. Perhaps the most iconic 80s italian hardcore release thanx to the incredible artwork made by none other than Stiv of TVOR fame. I must admit that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I've listen to it for the first time in the mid 90s, when the scene was so PC that it just bored me. Sure the music was good, but the lyrics were just annoying me. Later I've learnt to love their early noisy material and the later gloomier stuff. But this one still remains my least favourite Wretched release. Over the year I've come to the point of seeing it as a transitional record from their early wild days to the more introspective later stuff. A solid effort for sure, it just not always works for me. That being said, I might not shell out the amount of money asked for a first press in these days, but I'm glad to have secured a copy of this official repress for cheap. Perfect reproduction of the original one with the insert printed on the dust sleeve. Comes on transparent vinyl for normal people or urine yellow wax for golden shower crusties.

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