sabato 21 febbraio 2015

Juventud Descerebrada

I can affirm without any doubts that Cintas Pepe is the best label around in these days. Not only almost its entire stable rules musically, they also put a lot of efforts in the packaging to make the whole record looking awesome. Of course they're not the only label doing it, but they're probably one of the few labels doing it in a true DIY way. While I often got the feeling that every contemporary release just looks like a mere & cold industrial product, Cintas Pepe releases are different. They do not look modern. They look like they came out in the 90s'. There might be imperfections and for sure a questionable color-matching. But those screenprinted and hand glued covers show all the energy and respect for the DIY ethic that I remember from my formative years.
Nostalgia aside, as I've already said before, not only this looks cool, but it also delivers musically.  Sacrificio hails from Mexico City and their debut ep "juvendud descerebrada" does not sound too different from all the other modern mexican bands. I've heard people calling them a fastcore band but that's totally wrong. They might be a bit faster than Tercer Mundo or Muerte, but in the end Sacrificio it's just another pure & simple political punk/hc band in the classic central/south american way. It seems like they're getting a shitty response since people were expecting another Tercer Mundo. That's just bullshit, get this record. For sure already a contender for the best eps of the year.

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