mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

In Controluce

The first great score of the year has been a copy of Wretched's last effort before they disbanded, their 1988 "in controluce" ep. As I've said before, I've always got a love/hate relationship with this band. Never been too much of a fan of their earlier material so I gave their later stuff a chance only a few years ago. "La tua morte non aspetta" 12" is now my favourite Wretched release, the one I kept listening to. The songwriting is darker and lyrics are more mature & introspective if compared to the earlier stuff. "In controluce", released two years later, follows more or less the same line: a very gloomy and downtuned production makes it comparable to Amebix for the atmosphere they create. For sure a glorious way to say goodbye to this cruel world. Got this copy for a decent price. While vinyl is immaculate, cover shows ringwear like almost every other copies I've seen. Considering that it was printed on thin cheap paper and there was no dust sleeve, good luck finding one in better conditions!

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