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Tales of a pretentious asshole#005

Let's keep it colombian with one of the main political raw & noisy hardcore band from Medellin, the legendary Restos De Tragedia. These guys got together in late 80s' from the ashes of local classic metal acts such as Parabellum, Maleficio, Blasfemia and Masacre. When indeed Parabellum and Blasfemia disbanded, Ramon Restrepo (vocals in Blasfemia & Parabellum) and Cesar Quiceno (bass and vocals in Maleficio) joined forces to create RDT with Agustin Moscoso (vocals) and Elkin Cossio (drums). The band lasted from '87 to '92, releasing a demo and two full eps. While colombian records usually pop up for sale once in a while, for some unknown reason both the RDT eps are pretty elusive and damn rare in these days. So when I found a guy selling both, I knew that I couldn't miss them. Sent a fair offer, et voilà, now both these fuckers are finally mine! 
"Ser Y No Ser" 7" is their self-released debut ep from 1989 and their best release in my opinion. Incredible raw & dirty sound that goes along perfectly with the catchiest songs the band ever wrote. Along with Imagen, Herpes, Dexkoncierto and Ataque De Sonido, RDT are part of the noisiest and rawest band from the medellin scene and probably the best band doing it (well, it's a tie with Imagen). And this ep captures them in their finest moment. Also the cover artwork is pretty good. For sure a solid debut.
Fast forward to 1992, the year when they also disbanded, and we got their second full ep: "Medellin presenta: a Restos De Tragedia". Again self-released by the band with nine tracks on it, this is pretty much the same band of their debut ep. Well, except for a rougher & more confused sound that make them loose a bit of their energy. Also the front artwork is quite ugly (but back cover looks very good). That being said, I'm just being anal. It's still solid, raw as fuck proto-noisecore from south america. The way I love it. Definitely worth your time if you're not already familiar with them.
Annoying collector details: inside cover of my copy looks like a printing error: there's only 1/4 of what should be printed on it. Am I the not so lucky owner of what looks like an unwanted variant or do all copies look like this?
Around 2008 the band reformed. Not only they do play gigs, but they re-recorded most of their material and released it on a cd and a split ep with Coche Bomba. A couple of years ago FOAD released a full discography lp. Here's the complete RDT discography I've tried to put together:

-demo tape (self released, 1987)
-"ser y no ser" 7" (self released, 1989)
-VA "la ciudad podrida vol. I" lp (1990, three tracks)
-"medellin presenta: a restos de tragedia" 7" (self released, 1992)
-"malos tiempos buenas ideas" cd (Calderon Prod, 2008)
-split 7" w/Coche Bomba (Noseke Rec, 2012)
-"radikal evolution" discography lp (F.O.A.D., 2012) 

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