martedì 25 novembre 2014


Earlier in october I got a mail from Fred, a guy from Brazil who asked me if he could send me a couple of releases from his band Nao Conformismo. Since I liked what I've heard on their bandcamp, I said yes of course. Almost two months later (not sure if I have to blame for such a long delivery time poste italiane, brazilian post or the scary combination of both!) a big parcel from brazil finally showed up. It contained two copies each of their 2012 "basta" lp and "autoflagelo da humanidade" 7" from this year. Both self-released on their own laber Atitude Consciente Records. First thing I've noticed, like all the other brazilian records I own, they do smell funny. Not sayin' they stink. But brazilian records always have their own peculiar & intense scent. And it's not just a matter of smell, Nao Conformismo also sound as brazilian as feijoada and saudade. A combination of solid & heavy production, midpaced hardcore songs with a metallic sound, political lirycs and gruff vocals that cannot not bring to mind their legendary country mates Ratos De Porao or Colera. All well executed and pretty solid if you want my two cents. Too bad the computerized graphics of both their records are quite horrible. I can see a lot of people skipping it since, honestly, they look like bad modern nu-metal bands cover. And that's a shame since this band deserves attention.
Since Nao Conformismo were kind enough to send me two copies each of their records, the first person who ask for them will get my extra copies for free (as long as they will cover the shipping costs).Just drop me a line or leave a comment if you're interested.

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