venerdì 19 settembre 2014

RIP Mark Harvey

Just heard today that Mark Harvey, bassist of my favourite grind band ever Warsore, passed away on tuesday. I've been a fan since I got their demo back in '96 from Giulio The Bastard old distro. I've always been such a fan that I've interviewed him in both my old zines. The last one, from 2003, it's up here. Warsore was the very first band that started my still-going-on interest for australian hardcore. I've exchanged a few mails with Mark over the years and we ended up doing some record trades (I still have the Die Kruzen "s/t" lp that I got from him for my copy of Massacre "from beyond"). He was a record collector too and introduced me to tons of awesome aussie stuff. I've tried to meet him when I was in Melbourne in '06 but unfortunately he replied when I wasn't anymore in town. A truly grind legend. Rest in peace, mate.
20/09 update: went thru a box of old letters and I've found a couple I got from Mark. Here's the one about the aforementioned trade plus a Warsore flyer that was still inside another letter:

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  1. Hey man, this is a really good tribute. Mark was a great friend & it is gonna suck not having him around to talk to anymore. If it is cool with you I will share your words with his family..

  2. Thanx paganaidd and sorry for your loss. Of course feel free to share this with his family and my deep condolences to them of course!

  3. Nice tribute. Warsore ruled. Mark Harvey will be missed.