giovedì 4 settembre 2014

Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo.

Some records never get the repress treatment. Other get repressed way too frequently. This time, while FOAD has reissued EU's Arse discography on lp just a couple of months ago, Black Water has also repressed both their eps almost at the same time. Since I do not like discography lps and I already own a copy of the split with Impact (unfortunately just the 2007 repress), of course I've opted for a copy of "lo stato ha bisogno di te? bene, fottilo" ep (which translates to "does the state need you?, well, fuck it". The guy on the cover is indeed tearing off from the wall a military poster for the national conscription). A perfect reproduction of the original. To my knowledge, no stupid limited coloured vinyls or useless cover variations. That's the proper way to do it.
Udine's finest 1982 debut ep is unanimously considered the first ever d-beat record that came outta italy. The Discharge and UK influence are indeed pretty obvious, both musically and lyrically. I must admit that I've always had mixed feelings about this ep. Sometimes I love it, other I cannot stand it at all. While the songwriting is pretty solid, the sound is too poor and singer's high-pitched screams are quite annoying. For sure a good debut release but there's way better italian stuff from that era. Just compare it with their split w/Impact that came out a year later. There's no game, man. That's the record where they nailed it perfectly. It's definitely superior under every point of view. That stuff is perfect. That being said, "lshbdt?b,f" is a record worth owning and I'm glad to finally have a copy without having to shell out 100 eurobucks for it. On the other side, if you want to get rid of your OG copy of the split, get in touch.

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