mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

You Shall Never Know Security

One of the latest effort of the mighty Hardcore Victim label is the Forward/Teargas "burning spirits 2014" split 7". Released in january to support Forward tour downunder, this is a serious contender for best ep of the year. You can't get more burning spirits than 2 tracks each by two of the most solid bands playing this sub-genre today. The japanese one includes members of that legendary band that defined this style. Yeah, I'm talking about Deathside. Enough said. The australians on the other side already proved in their previous two efforts that they are able to do it with the same intensity & ferocity of their japanese gurus. Too bad this is their testament. One of the best band from the land downunder in years.
To make it even more perfect, they've got an incredibly good Sugi piece as artwork. Can you get so much burning spirits? 

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