domenica 23 marzo 2014

Frozen To Death

You might have noticed that, in the last couple of years, all the hc kids obsessed with Boston and New York hardcore have suddenly become finnish death metal experts. Same happened with Mind Eraser & powerviolence. It's all fault of DFJ's (of Boston Strangler and "innumerable" other bands) death metal solo project Innumerable Forms. It's quite funny if I compare it with my death metal period (early to late 90s') when metalheads and sxe assholes didn't get along that well. But this is 2014 and at least it seems that barriers between scenes are not as tight as they used to be. Not that I give a shit about this at all. I'm quite sure this is the first death metal album I've bought since 1997. I'm not a big Mind Eraser fan but their "conscious unconscious" lp has already showed that these guys know how to play even death metal very well. While that aforementioned ME album was a mix of various styles, Innumerable Forms is just pure finnish death metal worshipping. Yeah, I'm talking about Demigod and Abhorrence. Throw in a bit of Winter and you got it. I'm always impressed by how the boston crew doesn't miss a beat, even when they are playing something quite different from hardcore. 
On the other side there's another boston death metal band, Blessed Offal. Not as good as IF but definitely worth hearing. Think a mix beween Autopsy and swedish death metal gods and you got it. A very nice split. Probably the only death metal records owned by more hc kids than metalheads. As you can see I've scored the mailorder version, 100 only were made on this colour. Innumerable Forms is supposed to have a full length out this year, can't wait for it! Consider me a reborn death metal fanatic.

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