lunedì 23 luglio 2012

Your Freaks Now Too...

You might have noticed that this year I've almost posted only about old records. Maybe it has something to do with getting too old and perhaps too jaded to pay attention to all the new bands around, but I must admit that I'd rather spend my hard earned cash in old records, being them originals or represses, than invest on new lame bands that mean nothing to me. That being said, along with the few decent aussie bands around, japan seems to be the only place that still unleash new bands that I want to check out. To make a long story short, here's a bunch of new japanese shit worth your money: 
Let's start with Tsuyama's Massgrave "your freaks now too..." ep that Detonate Records just put out. Originally released a couple of years ago by Hardcore Survives on tape (lamest format ever), now it has been finally repressed (with a couple of bonus tracks) on a more proper format for such a brillant release. C'mon, you can't ask more to a japanese band than Sore Throat rip-off, a cheesy artwork with a rotten crucified corpse and broken engrish titles!! If you've enjoyed bands like Death Dust Extractor or Asocial Terror Fabrication, you'll love this!! Limited to 250 copies only, act fast of cry later. Last stuff released by Detonate was so ridiculosly limited that I've missed most of them, but thanx buddha this time I've been fast enough to secure a couple of its last outputs.
The other one I've got is the super elusive "Part II" of a series of three 7"s by Sendai weirdest noise punk band ever, Exit Hippies. Limited to 100 copies only. Too bad 'coz this is one of their best releases and more people deserve to listen to it. Pretty minimalistic layout, plain black labels and just the small piece of paper you see as a cover. No insert, no information at all. What you see in the picture above is exactly all you get. Musically, side A starts with a nice Flux Of Pink Indians cover followed by one of their typical unique noisecore excellent tune. No shitty sound this time like on their "Record and Fantasy". It's bloody noisy of course, but you can still enjoy the music. Side B has a long techno/electronic track. I don't know shit about electronic music and I hate techno but I've enjoyed this mix of repetitive drum beats and street noise samples. If you want to get rid of your copy of "Part I", please keep in mind that I'll happily pay a fair amount for it. 
Last but definitely not least, the bloody Damaging Noise "Instant Death Noise Attack" ep that Noise Punk Records outta UK put out a few months ago. I've used the adjective "bloody" 'cos I've had to order it twice since the first time I've tried it has been lost in the postal limbo. Thanx Visnù, this time it landed safely in my mailbox. If you're even remotely familiar with 80s' Kyushu noisecore bands, you should have already understood from band's name and the font on the labels that you should expect nothing but blatant Gai/Swankys rip off. So yeah, you got clean bass driven tunes, repetitive simple drumming, buzzsaw guitars and high pitched crazy vocals. Fans of this sub-genre will definitely appreciate Damaging Noise accuracy when it comes to reproducing Swankys style. Of course nothing new but if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands, you shouldn't give a damn fuck about innovations! While in the picture I've done it looks red, I assure you this is on wonderful transparent purple wax. Limited as well to 320 copies only.

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