sabato 24 settembre 2011

This is East Coast, not Perth

My infatuation for australian hc started back in '95 or '96 when I got a copy of the Warsore demo. More than 15 years later, I still own that tape and my knowledge/ collection of aussie hc has grown exponentially: Death Sentence, Civil Dissident, C.H.A.O.S., Rupture, WWXIV, Arm's Reach, Victims and so on became some of my fave bands. In 2006 I spent 6 months in Terra Nullius  and, while mainly doing some typical tourist stuff, I was able to witness  the local scene of that time in Melbourne and Perth directly. This meant seeing Straight Jacket Nation and Extortion on stage in their early days, when they were just local bands in one of the most isolated place on earth. I guess part of my love for aussie scene comes from the fact that is not over politicized and full of boring militant assholes like the european one. It's basically just a bunch of pissed off dudes (oops, I mean mates) who enjoy playing fast, loud and noisy music.  
Another thing that amazes me is that such a barely populated country keep unleashing an amazing band after another. Compared to our boot shaped penisula that has a population 3 times bigger than the aussie one (concentrated in a way smaller territory) but can barely produce a decent band a year, it's quite obvious that the rock music tradition is definitely stronger there (ACDC and Rose Tattoos anyone?).  Just look at these three great lps that came out from there this summer:
 The first one is the Kromosom "8 tracks" lp released by Hardcore Victim. Hyper distorted and raw hc/punk mayhem with lots of reverb on vox that's not too dissimilar from Disorder or Chaos UK. It's a bit different from the demo since now Yeap (ex Pisschrist) moved from bass to vocals and there were other line up changes. Their even more recent split with Isterismo is even better. Perhaps a bit hyped because of the pedigree of some members, but definitely a record worth checking out.
Deathcage from Sydney came back after 3 incredible eps with their debut full lenght "plague of the rats" on our own Agipunk. Burning Spirits hardcore with strong NWOBHM influences, especially in the guitars department. Half of the material are re-recorded versions of the best tunes out of the 7"s, the rest is new stuff. Cheesy artwork but I guess it works perfectly for this kind of stuff. In October they will tour Europe, don't miss them!
Last but definitely not least Teargas from Brisbane. My favorite of the bunch. They're doing the Burning Spirits thing too, but with a more straight forward approach. This lp is so good that if they had put the Judgement logo on the cover instead of the Teargas one, I would have taken it as a lost recording of that japanese 90s' institution without any doubt.  Again incredible artwork by Murdoch Stafford

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