venerdì 9 settembre 2011

Since I'm not a millionaire...

..I'm glad that these have been repressed recently since OG copies are worth 2000+ €.

This is how a repress should be: a perfect reproduction of the original. Nothing should be changed. But if you're forced to do it, please avoid something unwatchable like the recent repress of the Negative Approach 7" that came out on Touch and Go Records last year. 
Records that I'd love to see back on print soon: both Razar eps, 4th International flexi 8", Deathside eps and lps, BSN eps, Cider 1st ep, Darvocets ep, Dust Noise eps etc...

2 commenti:

  1. What about Wretched "Finirà mai", Wretched/Indigesti and Underage "Afri cani..."?

  2. I have an OG copy of Underage so I don't need a repress, ahahah! But yeah, there are tons of old italian records that definitely need a repress.