mercoledì 18 gennaio 2017

Latino America

I'm a dysfunctional record collector. Over the years, I've started tons of collections. But I've never managed to finish a single one. Usually, I get obsessed with something else and simply forgot about the rest. As the new year started, like everyone else, I made a list of goals for 2017. Of course most of these good purposes will be forgotten soon, but I'll try to achieve at least one: to finally complete my Medellin hardcore '89-'93 collection. I've been working on it for more than 10 years and at this point I just miss a few eps. But these records ain't neither easy to find nor cheap. So, when I found someone selling one of my colombian top wants on a messageboard for a honest price, I simply couldn't pass it. Few days later, Rasix "latino america" 7" was finally mine. I almost got another copy a few years ago but the seller retracted last minute. Glad it went that way. This one is a stock copy from an old distro, cover is in great shape and it comes with the rare insert. "Latino America" was released in 1990, just one year after their split 7" with Sociedad Violenta. But it marks a huge step forward, both in songwriting and production. Songs are indeed better written and the sound is way more powerful here. Yet, all these six tracks are catchy and memorable. If you're not familiar with Rasix, don't expect ultradistorted proto-noisecore a la Imagen or Restos de Tragedia. They're more meat & potato (or should I better say rice & beans) straight forward "vieja escuela" hardcore in the vein of I.R.A. Nonetheless, excellent band. 
According to the insert, this was released by a mysterious label named Lufer Records, even if everyone claim it has been self-released by the band. Maybe was it their own label? As you can see, the copy I got has pink labels. I've just seen another copy like this. All the others have orange labels. Considering that there are at least two presses of the Rasix/Sociedad Violenta split ep, it wouldn't be a surprise to discover that there were two pressings also of this ep. But that's part of the beauty of collecting south-american records: informations are scarce and rare, just like the records themselves...

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