martedì 20 dicembre 2016

Tu Vida

And now for something completely different...a bloody cd! As a record collector, I usually go for the vinyl version but since all the bootlegs looked like shit, this time I choose to buy the official cd discography. Anyhow, M.E.L.I. (Muerte En la Industria) was a quite obscure band that released only a demo in the golden age of mexican hardcore/punk, the late 80s. But unlike Xenofobia, Masacre 68 or Atoxxxico, they never released anything on wax. But their 1988 demo tape titled "Tu Vida" is on the same level of the aforementioned mexican hardcore legends: simple yet very intense music played with a lot of rage. All recorded with the trademark raw but brutal production that makes mexican (and generally, south american hardcore) unique and very genuine. Really solid band worth your time if you're even vaguely interested in mexican bands. I'm quite sure that if they lasted more than 2 years, we would have more people talking about them. This discography cd was released in 2005 by Speedstate Records outta japan. I scored it for cheap thanx to my japanese pal Jum. Apart from the demo tracks, it also features live tunes captured around 2000 when they briefly reunited. Comes with a booklet full of rare pictures, flyers, band history and so on. Unless you are ready to shell out big money for the original tape, this cd is the best way to get into this band...

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