venerdì 5 agosto 2016

Guerra De Metal

There's nothing better than seeing a uber rare record (when you know you have basically zero chances to score the original) being officially repressed. I'm talking about one of the very first metal band from Medellin that helped shaping the ultrametal medallo sound: Astaroth. Born from the ashes of Molotov around 1985, they played a few shows in their area before quickly disappear a couple of years later. During this brief period they managed to release the now super elusive "guerra de metal/ aullido sepulcral" ep, their only proper release if we don't consider their appearance (with a demo version of "guerra de metal") on the infamous Hell'zine comp. tape from 1989. There's basically no infos at all about this band and my guess is that before the internet days, they were totally unknown outside their homeland. Now colombian metal & hardcore fanatics from all over the world are paying insane price for the real deal, so I guess it was about time for an official repress. Courtesy of the newborn Epidemia Records outta France, this is a perfect reproduction of the original. Limited to 300 copies, it comes with an insert with rare pics & lyrics. Luckily the ultra cheesy satanic artwork hasn't been altered at all. I love it and it fits perfectly with the music: two perfect hymns to metal and the dark lord with the classic super raw sound and approach of the ultrametal bands. Not at all dissimilar from more well known names from the same period like Blasfemia or Parabellum. Basically, just another gem from Medellin scene. I hope more obscure colombian eps (Nemesis above all) will get the same treatment in a not so distant future!

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