giovedì 24 marzo 2016

Finirà Mai?

When the new year starts, every record collector sets a priority list. You know it, your wantlist keeps growing everyday as soon as you discover new or old bands or you decide that you need back that record that for some unexplainable reason (aka making money to buy more records) you sold a few years ago. While in the pre-internet era it was all about what came across your path, now almost everything is virtually available if you got the money to buy it. In such an overflowed environment, you gotta set a list of what you need more urgently. For 2016 I've decided that it's about time to finally complete my Warsore and Wretched collections. I miss just a couple of eps from both bands. While of course during the first three months of the year I've managed to waste my money on other stuff, at least I've been able to secure one piece of the puzzle: Wretched second full ep "finirà mai?", self-released by the band in 1984. Perhaps not as iconic as the "in nome del loro potere tutto è stato fatto", but still an essential piece in the italian hardcore history. Songs are a bit longer here compared to their previous material but the sound is still a raw wall of noise. The title track and "mai arrendersi" are the best tracks of the ep and classic tracks in the Wretched catalogue. Comes with the two original insert, alway filled with tons of anarcho/pacifist stuff to read. Got this copy for a decent price and it's in great shape so I'm quite happy with it. Now I just need a copy of "in nome del loro potere tutto è stato fatto" 7" and then I'm done. (No, I don't own an original split with Indigesti and, unless I'll win the lottery, I'm fine with the recent bootleg).

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