giovedì 11 giugno 2015

Artic Nights

Here's the record I've got for free that I've mentioned in my previous post: the vinyl debut of Oslo's Shipwrecked "artic nights" on Anger Management Records. I keep thinking about this as a recent release but goddammit it's already ten years old! Here we got a healthy dose of perfectly executed boston hardcore (SSD "the kids..." above all) with a hint of Oi! and norwegian/vikings mythology as graphic & lyrics background. The final result is probably the most coherent band doing this kind of stuff. Way better than most yankee bands that recently attempted to reproduce this sound. While I'd tag them as a bunch of tuff skinheads solely based on their music and imagery, the recent interview on Chunks'zine proved that these are mature and serious people, not a bunch of kids playing tuff. Featuring an ex-Insurance Risk member, if I haven't convinced you yet. No(r)way delivers again. Solid stuff.

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