mercoledì 15 aprile 2015

Bet On The Possibility

Last year during April I did some of the best scores of the year and 2015 seems not too different. I've indeed finally been able to cross off one of my major wants. Long story short, a japanese friend found a copy of Deathside second full length "bet on the possibility" in excellent condition for basically half the current amount of money people ask for it on eBay or discogs. As soon as he informed me he found it for that price, I immediately wrote back to secure it. Two weeks later, this jewel is finally in my greedy hands! I find it still hard to believe that I've finally got a copy of my main Selfish Records want. Of course I could have given up and get that bootleg that came out a few years ago (easily recognisable for darker cover and label as well as single sheet insert without lyrics in inverted colors), but I'm glad that I patiently waited for an original for the price I wanted to pay for it.
While there's an endless diatribe about which Deathside album is the best one, I got no doubts. As much as I worship their first full length "wasted time", 1991's "bet on the possibility" is their masterpiece. It has more diversity and each song is even more perfect than the previous one if that can be possible. Not to mention the incredible clean but still powerful production that makes it flawless. Not sure if it's true or just a legend, but I've heard that Selfish went bankrupt with the release of this album since they spent way too much producing it! For sure this is also the best packaged record that ever come out on Selfish. Gatefold cover with four different artwork and big double sided insert with almost unreadable lyrics since they are printed in inverted colours. Nothing more to add, this is indeed a genre defining record. Without it, burning spirits and generally japanese traditional hardcore wouldn't be the same for sure.

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