giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Out To Get Me

Cleveland scene is my favourite from the US. Over the years I've been able to collect all the records from there except for a couple ones that keep eluding me. One is the record that started it all back in the early 90s: Cider debut ep "out to get me", originally released in 300 copies only by Non Commercial Records in 1994. For the 20th anniversary of this record's release, other 300 copies have been pressed out of the original stampers. Normally I would have skipped a repress and patiently waited for scoring an original. But this official repress has been so well done that I couldn't resist. Not only it includes a perfect reproduction of the original sleeve, but also the uber rare "jerry lewis" & "jew boy 3" variants are included in each copy. I've been dreaming of owning a "jew boy 3" for years so I knew that I would have totally regretted not buying one of these. If that's not enough, they thrown in an extra insert with liner notes and a nice interview with Paul Wog. If you're not familiar with these guys, you just need to know that this is the best and probably the most important record that came out of the US in the 90s when it comes to meat & potato hardcore (ok, it's a tie with Crudos eps). And keep in mind that all these guys are still doing the same damn thing with the same quality and the same sarcastic & provocative attitude 20 years later in different bands. Can you name another city with such an authentic scene that keep doing its own thing for two bloody decades in the right way, not giving a fuck about the trend of the year? Neither do I. Well, here's your opportunity for getting for cheap a copy of the record that started this scene. Cidercore never die!  

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