venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Ser Nosotros Mismos

One of the most anticipated (well, at least to me!) release planned for the year of the lord 2014 has been the Tercer Mundo "ser nosotros mismos" 12", again courtesy of Cintas Pepe Discos outta Mexico. I've already praised this label and band in one of my previous post about TM's debut ep of a couple of years ago. I know it's hard to believe but "ser nosotros mismos" is even exceeding the ep's greatness. This time TM has indeed a better production that makes them sound catchier but at the same time it maintains their classic brutal and raw sound. Dan/SPHC has nailed it perfectly so I'm gonna keep it short and just quote him: "Their 2012 first EP was championed and heralded around the world as a modern classic by those in-the-know, as one of the most seminal and powerful hardcore records of the current times. Expectations must be high for their 2014 first LP.....and expectations are met. A rough and raw sound that manages to stay powerful and listenable, a rough and raw performance that manages to stay tight and fluid, and most importantly, fucking powerful and memorable songs that are dynamic, tense, and brutal all at once. A flawless, perfected hardcore record in a world full of half-hearted efforts".
As with all the Cintas Pepe releases, a lot of effort has been put also on the graphics. Indeed this is not only a solid release, but it also looks pretty damn good! It comes in a beautiful hand screened cover & insert with lyrics and infos in spanish and english. The labels look great too, love the stabbed mexico sketch on side B. For sure a solid contender for the best lp that came out this year.

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