venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

7 Spår E.P.

Sweden, along with US & Japan, has one of the most overrated scene ever. For sure these three countries have unleashed more amazing bands than all the rest of the world in 30+ years of punk/hardcore (well, if we exclude Finland). But it seems that for every fart that came out from the aforementioned countries, everyone start to praise and hype it even if, in most cases, it's just mediocre shit that will be forgotten in a few years. I'm late with this record because of that reason. Plus their debut lp didn't grab me that much. Well, better later than ever. Infernöh ‎"7 Spår E.P." 12" is not a record. It's a textbook. A textbook that must be consulted if you want to understand how swedish hardcore should be played properly: fast, heavy, aggressive and loud but still catchy and memorable as fuck. Well, this is swedish to the bone. You've read way too many Anti Cimex comparsions over the years but I assure you this is at the same level of greatness. Along with Framtid new lp, the best album that came out in 2013 for sure.
This is the european press on D-Takt & Råpunk Records. There's also a US press on Distort Reality with reverted cover colours but if you want the real deal, it's this swedish press of course. Comes with a huge posters and on 180g vinyl for your listening pleasure. The guy I bought it from sent me two copies (in two different parcels!) by mistake. Of course I offered to send one back but he just told me to keep it. It couldn't happen with better record!

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