martedì 25 giugno 2013

Doomsday Troops

E.A.T.E.R. (aka Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels) is one of those bands that I've heard for years people raving about it but never managed to give them a chance. Until recently, when Hardcore Survives decided to reprint it, 30 years after the original was unleashed. I must admit that I've never dug too much into the old swedish scene, so all I was expecting was nothing but another awesome d-beat assault with a heavy downtuned sound. Well, I couldn't get more wrong. These 5 tracks (remastered from the original) are just fast driven & thrash oriented hardcore/punk outbursts. So, more than Anti Cimex or Skitslickers, I'd rather compare it to spanish or italian 80s' hardcore if you need some reference points. Ok, I'm on a lazy mood today so here are the wise words that Mr Pushead used to describe it (taken from MRR#13): "Not to be confused with the '77 U.K. punk band Eater, this Swedish group (Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels) floor down on the acceleration and rapidly hit fast, lightning doses of 1000-m.p.h. thrash mayhem. An outrageous display of burning speed and mind-boggling turbulence, combined with chaotic chops of lyrical expression. Don't be fooled by the hilarious intro to the title cut--this EP hauls its load fast and furious in the new Swedish tradition". Couldn't find better words to describe so well this iscredible swedish well hidden (well, at least to me) secret.
It's a perfect reproduction of the original and it even includes the 8 pages booklet but, being it a Hardcore Survives release, it's not a surprise that even this time So did an amazing job. Now please help me to get a copy of that bloody Anti Cimex eps box set that Nada Nada Discos just put out.

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