mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Violencia Y Destruccion

It seems like my prayers have been finally answered:  someone repressed for the masses this nice lil' piece of wax. If you're into colombian hardcore, you should already know that in that country, like in the rest of central/south america (with the notable exception of Brazil), hardcore sprouted almost a decade later compared to the rest of the world. And Rasix Sociedad Violenta split ep was the very first hc vinyl that came out from Colombia sometimes around 1989. Punk Y Qué?, who were also responsible for the repress of the Imagen ep that came out a couple of years ago, did an excellent job: not only this is a perfect reproduction of the original, but it also has 3 bonus trax that I guess come from bands' respective demos.
Both bands play that kind of extremely simple and straight in your face hardcore that is my favorite style at the moment. Like all the other colombian/south american bands, lyrics are very political. While I tend to see this kind of lyrics ridiculous when they are written by bored western white kids who still live with their parents but pretend to be some kind of revolutionaries only 'coz they are dressed/act weirdly, they are totally genuine when they came from someone who grow up in the slums of Medellin. Between late 80s'/ early 90s' this city was under the siege of an extremely violent drug war. The kids involved in the hc scene chose to do not be part of the drug cartels and lots of them payed that choice with their life. At the same time, lots of western punx were having recreational time with the very same south american drugs while pretending to make the world a better place. Yeah, punk is  really a threat to the society.
According to the insert, the main reason for this repress were the silly prices colombian records sell for on eBay. While I can totally see the point and respect it, I don't think anything will change. Of course more people will hold in their hands the real piece of plastic instead of some crappy mp3s. But I'm pretty sure collectors wont care and they'll keep paying outrageous amounts of money for the original. Please keep in mind that I've payed 70 bucks for my copy of "La Ciudad Podrida" so I'm not the right person to understand punk idealistic crusade against overpriced records.
At this point I'm confident that, in a not so far future, also BSN, Restos de Tragedia and IRA vinyls will receive the same treatment. They deserve it and I deserve to own them all.
Here's a Medellin discography (period '89-'93) that I've tried to assemble a few months ago. Lemme know if something's wrong or missing!!

-ATAQUE DE SONIDO “s/t” 7” (ADS Records, 1990
-BSN “guerra bacteriologica” 7” (Discos Fuentes, 1991)
-BSN “brigada subterranea” 7” (Self relased, 1992)
-CENSURA “libertad sin control” lp (Self released, 1991) 
-CTC/ AVERXION split 7” (Self released 1991, 2 presses)
-FERTIL MISERIA “cadenas” 7” (Disco Fuentes, 1994)
-FERTIL MISERIA “reaccion” 7” (Disco Fuentes, 1996 repress?? OG recorded in 1992)
-HERPES “medellin” 7” (self released, 1989)
-HP HC “hardcore punk trash” 7” (Planeta Crisis)
-IMAGEN demos 1&2
-IMAGEN “...y ahora que?” 7” (self released, 1989)
-I.R.A. “barquizidio” 7” (self released, 1989,  repressed in 1996)
-I.R.A. “atentado terrorista” 7” (self released, 1990)
-I.R.A. “impotable diversion” lp (self released, 1993)
-RASIX/ SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA split 7” (Lufer Records, 1989)
-RASIX “latino america” 7” (Lufer Records, 1990)
-RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA demo tape (???)
-RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA “ser y no ser” 7” (???)
-RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA “medellin presenta a: RTD” (???)
-VA “estamos en la sima” tape Ataque de Sonido, Crimen Impune,Diskordia, BSN, Dexconcierto, HPHC, Herpes (1989)
-VA “grido antitaurino” tape
-VA “la ciudad podrida vol. 1” lp with multiple trax by BSN, HPHC, Crimen Impune, Diskordia, Ataque de Sonido, Dexkoncierto, Restos de Tragedia(1990, bootleged?)
-VA “medellin contra el quinto centenario” tape with multiple trax by Desastre, Rasix, GP, Imagen, Desahogo, Hartos de Ti, Censura, Agresion Social. (?? 1991)

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